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About us

Local Billboards is a Digital Signage, Digital Menu and Digital Advertising services. We offer a complete digital signage solution that require minimal resources, knowledge, and/or training to get going. Head-quartered in Atlanta GA. We are working hard to bring you some of the coolest features and services available and we are getting better at it every day. Stay Tuned

Our Mission

Our Mission it to offer the most affordable, robust Digital Signage Network that combines community with technology to offer unmatched services. Our services will allow you to deploy and manage a digital signage network with ease, while informing and entertaining your audience

Our Team

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Christopher Whitaker (CEO) has been and entrepreneur since 1993. projects ranging from Restaurants, Franchisee, Graphic Design company, WISP, Computer repair, IT/Network services. All of which has lead him to this destination, Digital signage. A common thread across all projects was the necessity for store signage. Store signage has a high importance but low resource priority, We've solved that, we now offer a complete Digital Signage Solution.

The core...

Nishan Vaghani, (Web developer / Software Engineer) Since 2020 skills range from JavaScript, MySQL,XML, Ext JS, PHP and more.
Santanu Chattergee, (Web developer / Application Programmer / Software Engineer) Since 2007 Santanu skills range from AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, Drupal, MySQL, ASP.NET, CakePHP, XML, MVC, Ext JS, PHP and more.