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5 reasons our Customers Love Local BillBoards:

  • More time to focus on customer concerns. We partner with your IT team to eliminate signage troubleshooting and network issues.
  • Enjoy a new, engaging, mordern lobby prescence by convenniently delivering high quality pictures and videos to your customers about relavent in-store promotions
  • Benefit from increased sales by adapting signage as a auto sales attendant, intorducing new and promtional products.
Local Billboards Digital Signage
Local BillBoards is software for managing Digital Signage. It's versatile, lightweight and stable. We offer some of the most advanced features for Digital Signage Services and we provide support for number of media formats. Our templates allow you to easily capture the most of your target audience. Try our software for free for 14 days.

Based on Your Budget

Digital Signage can be setup using your existing equipment or new equipment. Based on project budget there are a few different ways to do it.

Turn that old TV into a Digital Menu Board

Be a part of the fastest growing technology shift for restaurants and businesses. Moving to Digital Menu Boards and Digital Signage for good reasons, the benefits can't be ignored.

Digital Signage Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is a time saving, all inclusive software and hardware solutions that allows you to turn that old lobby TV into a Digital Sign in minutes. The "X96 (4k) Adapter" bridges new technologies with that old TV and allows you to manage your content on your digital sign, All for the low price of $99.00

  • 1 X96 (4k) Media Adapter
  • 1 Year Subscription (Bronze)
  • Auto Updates
  • Remote Management and Remote Access
  • Easy Self-Install
  • No Traning, No Technical No Design skills needed
  • All for $99.00